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Empowering Growth through
Highly Specialized Trainings and Events
We Help You Rise above the Crowd!

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Pioneers in bringing NEBOSH IGC
in Portuguese for the first time
in the world

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Focusing on delivering specially designed and
researched summits & conferences

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Our Global Footprint
Committed to developing talent &
business opportunities in emerging markets

Subject experts, global presence, dynamic team, strong industry knowledge and
customized trainings. We are after all Vostad Global

About us

Vostad as the name suggests is an initiative to bring together the experts or ‘Ustaads’ from across various verticals of business. We cater to the global market needs when it comes to knowledge gaining and sharing. We create platforms which cater to all levels of representatives from the industry. We have customized trainings for all levels of professionals starting from basic skills to strategy related courses for the Management. We get professionals together to learn from the experts on the trends and technology being adapted in their verticals of interest.

Vostad is powered by dynamic individuals, who are attempting to bring groundbreaking concepts and are looking to change the traditional view of knowledge sharing. Our team consists of veterans from the trainings and conference fields who have closely worked with some of the biggest clients across Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.  

We at Vostad rely on intense research and industry knowledge to cater customized events based on market trends and feedback. We are looking at developing newer markets and finding niche topics and getting the right information to the right audience.

Vostad is associated with some of the best trainers across the globe, whose expertise and knowledge can give your business a push in the right direction.

To know us better, call us on +91 8197851926 and we will have a special agent dedicated to answering your queries.