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About Us

Vostad is a leading global event, business excellence, and industry catalyst.

At Vostad our purpose is to build a connected ecosystem of industries, technology, and the future of our community. We are committed to delivering curated platforms for a broad spectrum of business sectors with relevant solutions & knowledge that they aspire for.


Meet The Team

Our History

Vostad was formed in 2013, with a fundamental principle of supporting economic growth across the regions in which we operate. We specialize in bringing businesses to emerging markets via customized event platforms, on-demand networking opportunities, and adapted business services via accredited modules and specialized communities.

We have built dedicated flagship brand experiences across the Telecommunications Sector, IT Sector, HSE Sector, Financial Services Sector, and Emerging Technology Sectors ranging from Blockchain, Islamic FinTech, Sustainable Technology, and Islamic Inclusivity.

As a company, we believe in creating platforms and communities which will help create a successful roadmap and sustainable future in the technology & economic growth domains.

Our Clients

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