Intelligent Maintenance Management

Manage Maintenance with cutting edge tech like prescriptive maintenance, IIoT sensors, AI, Drones, Virtual Reality and more.

Led by the Trainer with over 40 years of Practical Experience


Joel Levitt


Springfield Resources, USA


21st of Feb 2021

About the Instructor

Joel Levitt is a leading trainer of maintenance professionals. He has trained more than 17,000 maintenance leaders from more than 3000 organizations in 39 countries in over 550 sessions with 98% of the delegates rating the course very good or excellent. Since 1980 he has been the President of Springfield Resources, a management consulting firm that services clients of all sizes on a wide range of maintenance issues. He has 40 years of experience in many facets of maintenance including process control design, source equipment inspector, electrician, field service technician, maritime operations and property management. Prior to that, Levitt worked for a CMMS vendor and as an owner/manager in manufacturing. He is a frequent speaker at maintenance and engineering conferences and has written more than 10 popular maintenance management texts. He has also published over 6 dozen articles on the topic. Levitt has served on the safety board of ANSI, Small Business United, National Family Business Council and on the executive committee of the Miquon School. He is a member of AFE and Vice President of the Philadelphia chapter.

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Course Promise!

This is a unique time. The old guard is retiring, and the tech-savvy new guard needs some background in maintenance management to maximize their effectiveness. Our promise for this program is that you will have a new and more in-depth understanding of reliability and maintenance and you will see how to manage modern technology to deliver exceptional results. With this understanding you will enjoy a dramatically increased ability to design, plan for, and manage these activities. You will leave the Maintenance Management Masterclass with a plan you will develop for the future.

Win a copy of the best-selling The Handbook of Maintenance Management


Now in its second edition and written by a highly acclaimed maintenance professional, this comprehensive and easy-to-understand resource provides a short review of all the major discussions going on in the management of the maintenance function. This revision of a classic has been thoroughly updated to include advances in technology and thinking and is sure to be found useful by maintenance professionals everywhere. It's the perfect reference for any maintenance professional that needs a quick update on any specific area within the subject.


This program is for:

Designed for all types of maintenance environments, including factories, buildings, and fleets. Maintenance managers, supervisors, leads, CMMS managers, planners, engineers, and people who are in training for these positions. There is also an advantage to having representatives from operations and stockroom for their perspective and input.

Maintenance Managers

Engineering Managers

Maintenance Planners

Maintenance Schedulers

Maintenance Supervisors

Maintenance Coordinators

Maintenance Engineers

Safety Manager / Engineers Production Managers / Engineer

CMMS Managers / Engineers / Planners

Operations Managers / Engineer

Facility Managers / Engineer

Other departments that work with maintenance

Plant Directors / Managers / Engineers


“Extremely experienced & knowledgeable facilitator. Real life pertinent examples.“


“I have found Joel Levitt to be the most realistic and practical trainer I know. He can relate with the whole facility from the shop floor to the boardroom.”


To sum it up, you will learn the following:

  • Speed-up and improve training with Virtual Reality

  • How to talk to top management about caring for your assets.

  • Ways to cut the cost of your repairs by teaching five planning techniques to your tradespeople

  • In-sourcing and TPM: what is it, how and when to do it, and who to do it with

  • How to use the CMMS to help improve technicians

  • Maintenance budgeting and effective financial modeling

  • How to compute the optimum intervals for component replacements and other preventive/predictive maintenance efforts


Want to brush up your skills? Do you have newer people and want them productive? Want everyone to share a vocabulary? Want to promote cooperation with other groups (purchasing, stores, engineering)?


This jam-packed course will introduce you to best practices from around the world. You’ll be able to answer:

  • What specific activities ensure uptime and when to consider each one?

  • How to use high technology to make an impact on your reliability

  • Learn techniques to maximize benefits from your CMMS—Tomorrow!

  • How to eliminate defects, improve quality and remove workload

  • How to put together a business case proposal using the same financial modeling as top management

  • How to set-up a pilot in IIoT sensors and analytics of the data produced (without breaking the bank)

  • How to build a technology road map and timeline.

  • Ways to reengineer maintenance that do not compromise the safety, environmental security, or uptime

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