Conferences & Summits


Vostad is a leading global company which conceptualizes and delivers international business conferences and summits. These well planned and defined events are tantamount with excellent knowledge sharing, business exchange and productive networking opportunities.

Our conferences and summits cater to an international and national audience and cover multiple business markets and sectors.


Our events are the appropriate platform for our clients, who are looking for new markets and new business. Some of the key differentiators of our conferences and summits are as follows;

  • Our conferences and summits and an invitation only program, which offers business to business buyers and sellers to engage and work with exclusive decision makers

  • Our agenda is to promote dynamic discussions and interaction at our events, making it a premium format for all attendees looking to address priorities

  • We offer a range of leading industry experts as speakers to provoke knowledge sharing, business dialogue and propagation of disruptive and innovative ideas

Our conferences and summits are not just about knowledge and education, they are tailored to generate business meetings and networking.


Vostad’s conferences and summits cater to markets across Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA and the Americas.