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Vostad is the go to company for tailored business events. We are a company focused and invested in corporate business innovation, our prime focus is to offer multiple platforms for networking, information, education and knowledge sharing for our clients and partners via conferences, summits, trainings, conclaves and workshops.

Our core philosophy is to help organizations to achieve their corporate goals and business vision. We strive to create new ideas, promote new concepts and new ways for our customers to engage, win business and succeed.

Vostad is devoted to offer people driven events, which caters to a large audience. We conceptualize events focused on varied industries and markets and we inspire a healthy atmosphere for business innovation and promotion at our events.  We aim to build beneficial events to cater to our clients, delegates and the leading luminaries of the business world.

Our vision and mission is to promote global business solutions, create business communities for varied industries and bring global business experts under one roof to stimulate the future of corporate progress.


Our Team


Zahid Mir, CEO | Phone: 8197-85-1926

Zahid Mir is currently the CEO at Vostad and has more than a decade of experience in conceptualizing international conference, expos and trainings. He has served at Vostad as a Director of Sales and Marketing since 2013 and in 2018 he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer after managing Sales and Marketing teams globally at Vostad.  


Dan Munir, CMO | Phone: 1933-222-899

Dan Munir is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Vostad. Dan is also a cool physiotherapist by profession but his passion is digital marketing and he has served Vostad since 2015 where he has been responsible for marketing and operations and has led team to achieve the best marketing goals.


Jalib Malik, HR | Phone: 1933-222-899

Jalib Malik is currently the Head of Human Resources at Vostad. Jalib is the key person at Vostad to hire the best talent and he is been responsible for all the Human Resources activities at Vostad since 2015 and his style of recruitment has been appreciated at Vostad as he comes from a background of best HR practices and has a degree of MBA in HR and Marketing


Hansel Mathias, Sales Manager | Phone: 1933-222-899

Hansel Mathias is the Sales Manager at Vostad. Hanse comes with a great sales experience of more than a decade in events. he handles the sales operations in Middle East, South America and Africa. "Hansel's mantra is work hard and party hard"

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